Ief Postino wins the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage – Europa Nostra Award

Every year, Europa Nostra awards prizes to organisations that realise exceptional projects relating to cultural heritage. ‘Ief Postino’ wins an award in the category ‘Education, Training and Raising Awareness’.
Since 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Europe Nostra 2018 focuses on the European dimension of the projects, and on raising awareness with the general public – two criteria that the Ief Postino project meets perfectly.
“In these times of rapid communication, Ief Postino also paid tribute to the slowness and the intimacy of a letter, delivered personally. And it is exactly that choice of the traditional letter that makes the project interactive and innovative. Through the personal stories of the correspondents and Ief Postino’s adventures, a very large audience was able to discover in a unique way the migration that started 70 years ago,” says Igor Philtjens, member of the Provincial Executive for Tourism, Culture and Heritage.

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Limburg and Italy connected by letters

Ief Postino went in search of authentic stories and anecdotes from Limburgers and their acquaintances, family, old lovers and friends from school they left behind in Italy. In 2016, it was exactly 70 years since the first Italian migrants arrived in Limburg to work in the coal mines. The Limburgers wrote letters that Ief Postino personally retrieved and delivered in Italy in his Piaggio Ape.

Ief Postino’s travels from Belgium to Italy and back could be followed on the Flemish television programme ‘Iedereen beroemd’ (Everybody Famous), in the newspaper ‘Het Belang van Limburg’ and on Ief’s Facebook page. After his trip, Ief Postino brought Italians, Limburgers, Limburg Italians and Italian Limburgers together at a large national festival. But it did not end there. Ief wrote down his experiences in a book and set them as the subject for a performance.

‘Post!’, the performance

In ‘Post!’ (Mail!), Ief Postino talks about letters as a means of communication, about encounters with the letter writers and recipients, but also about missing people, being homesick, and the need for slowness. Together with the audience, Ief also focuses to how we communicate today, and he includes personal stories in the performance. Topics addressed are Limburg, Italy, mail, letters, the 60s, homesickness, friendships …

Written and performed by Ief Gilis and Steven Wouters

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